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Birch tree facts

Birch tree facts
BIRCH (Betula pendula Roth), leaves-bark

Conventional employments: an) inner utilize: kidney and urinary tract issue; state rheumatic and febrile; control of insulin-subordinate diabetes mellifluous. The implantation is set up with 1 tablespoon of the vegetable for 1 liter of crisply bubbled water: drink 1 glass 3 times each day. b) outer utilize: washing of contaminated injuries, bothersome skin; averts balding.

Birch tree facts

Utilize a similar mixture

Impacts: diuretic one, bactericidal two of the urinary tract, pain relieving 3 , centrifuge 4 , hypoglycemic 5.

Precautionary measures: maintain a strategic distance from its utilization in instances of edema due to cardiovascular brokenness and renal disappointment. For its substance in salivates, don’t utilize excessively move in patients with dynamic hemorrhages or who are following medicines with hemostats or anticoagulants.

Other foundation: its utilization as a disinfectant urinary framework and as a pain relieving has some proof logical

One Advances and expands the creation of pee.

Two Eliminates microscopic organisms or keeps their improvement.

3 Decline torment

4 The fever goes down

5 Reduction the glucose level

ACHICORIA AMARGA (Cichorium intybus L.), leaves-root

Customary utilization: absence of hunger, troublesome compose absorption Endless (dyspepsia), stoppage and liver issue (colic) billiard); cystitis and edema; joint pain and gout. The implantation is set up with 1 tablespoon of squashed dried clears out for 1 liter of crisply bubbled water; the root is utilized by decoration, heating up a similar sum 5 to 10 minutes: drink 1 glass 3 times each day.

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Impacts: derivative one diuretic two delicate, stomach related.

Different precursors: its utilization in need of craving and troublesome assimilation.

It has some logical proof.

One Purges blood and different debasements body humors.

Two It supports the departure of the stomach.