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If you live long so that you must know aids

If you live long so that you must know AIDS from our site article. We give you real information about AIDS and HIV. You can see causes, symptoms, and treatment of AIDS from here. Know everything about AIDS and HIV from our information. The treatment of AIDS is finished with a mix of antiretroviral drugs that are typically offered for nothing out of pocket by the general wellbeing framework. These medications battle the infection, keeping the ailment from advancing and reinforcing the safe framework, yet they don’t fix the malady. At present, no remedy for AIDS has yet been found.

If you live long so that you must know aids

Despite this, it is critical to do the treatment to lessen the viral load, enhancing the personal satisfaction and delaying the existence time, since it decreases the danger of HIV ending up more genuine and can cause AIDS-related sicknesses, for example, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

At the point when to begin treatment for AIDS

Treatment for AIDS ought to be started promptly in pregnant patients, late HIV disease (amid the initial a half year), AIDS, when HIV-related ailments happen, or when the individual mirrors the accompanying qualities in the blood test:

Viral load more noteworthy than 100,000/ml

The rate of CD4 is less than 500mm³ in blood

On the off chance that antiretroviral treatment is started when the patient is in a further developed phase of the malady, it might have the capacity to cause irritation called Inflammatory Reconstitution Syndrome (SIR). Be that as it may, this treatment must be kept up and the specialist will have the capacity to assess whether to utilize prednisone for fourteen days to control aggravation.

Where to do the treatment against AIDS

The initial step after a constructive HIV test is to go to a wellbeing focus, where an audit of the individual and family history of the individual will be made, a physical assessment and research facility tests will be done to confirm what is the treatment to take after. The treatment is offered for nothing out of pocket by the national wellbeing framework and the individual approaches the HIV test, which is done by and large 3 times each year to control the sickness.

Antiretroviral treatment for AIDS

The medication treatment of AIDS is made with the utilization of a mixed drink of antiretrovirals, which will be chosen by the need of the individual, some of them are:

AZT – Zidovudine;

DDI – Didanosine;

DDC – Zalcitabine;

3 TC – Lamivudine

D4T – Stavudine;




The treatment of AIDS in pregnancy ought to be guided by the obstetrician and might be diverse in light of the fact that a few prescriptions can cause abnormalities in the child.

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The reactions that the AIDS mixed drink can cause are:

Wooziness, spewing, discomfort, looseness of the bowels;

Loss of craving, cerebral pain, changes in the skin;

Loss of fat all through the body, having expanded fat at the stomach level.

These side effects are more typical toward the start of treatment and have a tendency to vanish with the progression of time; they are likewise factors starting with one individual then onto the next. Be that as it may, at whatever point they emerge, you should contact the specialist since you can lessen their power by changing the drug by another or modifying the measurement.

The mixed drink ought to dependably be taken at the right dosage and at the right time each day to keep the infection from getting to be more grounded, encouraging the development of different sicknesses.

Amid the treatment of AIDS there might be a trade-off in the kidneys, liver, and bones, so the specialist may recommend medicine to control these ailments.

Nourishment is additionally critical in the treatment of AIDS since it counteracts perpetual sicknesses, reinforces the safe framework and battles the reactions of antiretroviral treatment.

At the point when would it be advisable for you to see the specialist once more?

After the primary seven day stretch of treatment, the patient must return to the specialist to check the responses to the prescriptions, and after this visit, he should come back to the specialist once every month.

If you live long so that you must know AIDS from here. At the point when the illness balances out, the patient must come back to the specialist at regular intervals, performing exams like clockwork or from year to year, contingent upon their wellbeing status.