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Natural asthma treatment

Knowing about the natural asthma treatment for essential to act on the causes of this respiratory disease that affects many people, especially children. For information about this treatment, see our post.

Natural asthma treatment

Eucalyptus tea

Eucalyptus tea is one of the biggest allies in the fight against asthma since this plant works as a balm in the respiratory system.


1 litre of water;

4 spoonfuls of dried and chopped eucalyptus leaves.


Place the water to heat and, seconds before starting the boiling process, put out the fire and add the eucalyptus leaves, mixing them in the water until they are covered;

Cover the container for 15 minutes, strain and ingest the tea still hot (without adding sugar). It is recommended to take 2 to 3 cups of this tea during the course of the day.

In addition to tea, inhaling the steam generated by mixing hot water with eucalyptus leaves helps clear the airways, helping to treat asthma.

Natural treatment for asthma

Apple tea with honey

The apple is considered an important ally of the respiratory system. To enhance the effects of this fruit, it is indicated to prepare the tea on it with honey.


1 large apple;

500 ml of water (enough to cover the apple);

4 tablespoons of honey


Wash the apple and cut it into 2 pieces (keep the peel). Remove all the seeds;

Add the two parts of the apple in a bowl and add the honey and water;

Leave this mixture cooking for about 10 minutes (until the apple is very soft);

Turn off the heat and cover the container for 5 minutes;

Strain and drink the tea still hot. After that, it is indicated to eat apples. This tea should be ingested at least 3 times a day, mainly before sleeping.

In addition to this tea, it is also possible to take advantage of the benefits of the apple by means of the natural juice of it (without placing sugar).

Apple juice


1 red apple;

300 ml of water.


Wash the apple. Cut into 4 pieces (keep the shell). Eliminate all the seeds of the fruit;

Mix the apple with the water in the blender and blend for 1 minute, until the apple dissolves in the water;

Strain and drink immediately afterwards, while all the properties of this fruit are active.

It is recommended to eat 4 glasses of this juice every day.

Foods that act in the natural asthma treatment

In addition to the teas mentioned above, it is essential to strengthen the body’s immune defences and maintain adequate levels of vitamins and omega 3. For this, it is essential to include in the menu:



Dark green leaves (spinach, cauliflower, watercress, etc);





Chestnut tree from Pará;




Additional tips for the natural treatment for asthma

To avoid the emergence of asthma attacks, nothing better than eliminating the main causes. Therefore, it is necessary:

Take 2 litres of water a day

To avoid the lack of hydration of the organs (especially those of the respiratory system), it is essential to drink 2 litres of water every day. In addition to maintaining hydration, pure water helps to eliminate substances harmful to the body, such as viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Avoid the use of elements that accumulate dust

One of the main causes related to asthma attacks is in contact with dust. Therefore, it is essential to take extra care in the presence of carpets, curtains, rugs, fabric sofas, teddy bears, blankets, quilts and other items with tissues that accumulate dust mites or dust.

Cough medicine for adults

It is recommended to eliminate some elements or if it is not possible to do so, perform constant cleaning using a vacuum cleaner.

Avoid having pets

For people suffering from asthma, it is often necessary to give up having pets at homes, such as cats and puppies, since the hairs of these animals can cause a respiratory crisis.

In addition to all these care regarding the natural treatment for asthma, it is essential to have medical support, since a professional will have the conditions to prescribe the best treatment according to each case.